James Millar, Spring/Summer ’08

29 02 2008

In this collection the pieces are made to look sophisticated but yet, at the same time, put together with effortless ease. It consists of a variety of colourful and vibrant knits and prints.

The pieces are ambiguous enough to be worn by men or women. Millar’s knits and prints possess a desirability strong enough to make you want to own a piece whether you want to wear it, just look at it or simply satisfy yourself in knowing that it’s yours.


Go Sporty Spice!

29 02 2008

When I think of Melanie C., I remember her as the red girl- Sporty Spice! But who knew that by April 2008, she’d be releasing her own solo album?
The british superwoman quotes, “I was very fortunate with the Spice Girls; financially, I was able to set up my own label and finance my own record”.
She also says she has had the pleasure to work with a major label (Well who wouln’t, right?), and it’s nice that she’ll be doing her own things independantly for a change.
The album is called “This Time”, and I must say she looks GORGEOUS for the cover art! Her first single on the cd is a song about a young runaway, titled Carolyna. It’s a great song, very catchy. Limewire that bitch! 😉
I know I’ll be picking up that cd this spring, for sure.
On top of all this, she’s talked about touring Canada and the U.S in support of her new album!
Mel C. sure is moving up, I couldn’t be more excited for her!
You gotta love her.


Nom de Guerre, Spring/Summer ’08

29 02 2008

The Nom de Guerre Spring/Summer 2008 collection is titled “Under The Open Sky”. The collection is inspired by the American idea of Manifest Destiny — when blue collar Americans wore suits and rolled up their sleeves. Denim jeans were mixed with finely tailored wool suits, along with cotton shirts in stripes and floral prints. The collection also features subtle sweater prints inspired by Pendleton blankets.Finally, weather resistant fabrics accent the collection.

The Nom de Guerre store also features collaborative outerwear made with Mackintosh of Scotland; footwear made with Converse Jack Purcell, Russell Moccasin Company and Tricker’s London; and sunglasses made with Oliver Peoples.


Gourmet ’08 Fall/Winter Preview

29 02 2008


This sneak preview of what seems to be the Fall/Winter collection by Gourmet.  A very nice look on both the apparel and the sneakers.  Please note that the shoes on the preview are not Jordans, but a sneaker made with the same model but made with a nice twist.  Stay tuned for more info.

M. Shabbaz

SURFACE TO AIR Paris Spring/Summer ’08

28 02 2008

SURFACE TO AIR Paris’ new collection has now hit stores! The Spring/Summer ’08 collection is looking pretty nice if I may say so myself. SURFACE TO AIR Paris continues bringing us classic pieces with their own unique twists. Find there Spring/Summer items and more at NewDandyism.


The Lazarides

28 02 2008

David Choe @ Lazarides Gallery


The Lazarides Gallery is a Gallery completely open to the public located in 8 Greek Street in London’s Soho. The artists defy some categories of art such as graffiti, graphics or pop art.

David Choe is only one of many artists whose work you can find at the Lazarides Gallery. The Gallery is where you can find most work from artists Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Antony Micallef, Faile, Stanley Donwood, Mode 2, Paul Insect, Kelsey Brookes, Polly Morgan, Conor Harrington, Invader, Tony Gray, Ben Turnbull and Mark Jenkin. These certain individuals are known by Lazinc, and currently are some of the most recognizable names in art culture of the last decade. Some artists have come to pursue more than just one career. Including web designing and selling albums.

Anyway, this is just a sneak peek of what goes on in this Gallery. I encourage you to go on to the website and check more of their stuff out. Their stuff is amazing, and I SWEAR it’s all worth it.

For more info on the Gallery check out http://www.lazinc.com


Robert Geller Spring ’08

28 02 2008

The Robert Geller Spring ’08 collection, entitled “Beuys Dont Cry” comes from his experience growing up in Los Angeles and blends the Venice skate/surf lifestyle into a modern West Coast inspired look.