5 02 2008

This month as some of you know is about African-American Awareness and recognition for the past struggles and tribulations the black people went through to gain freedom and a rights.  Well I’m not here to “preach” to you about famous black people like Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, or Huey P. Newton that’s your job.  But please I beg you don’t take this month lightly or just think about Valentines regardless of your race, ethical background or opinion.   

Peace and much love to you all

Note: This is really odd and I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this, but why is it that the month they decide to give to the black people is the shortest month??  It’s bad enough we were your slaves, then you want to make us sit in the back of the bus and lynch us for no reason, but when you actually want to give us something its on the SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR!  But that’s just how I see it.

M. Shabazz

malcolmx.jpg rosa-parks.jpg 17_panthers_02.jpg



One response

5 02 2008

yo u mean back of the bus not black of the bus rite?

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