Attachment Spring/Summer ’08

28 02 2008

Here’s a preview of the Attachment Spring/Summer ’08 Collection. The Spring/Summer collection focuses in on grey tones, it is catching the attention of all, with its use of wrinkled treatments, button-less trench, and more details in craftsmanship.


Mackdaddy ’08 Spring/Summer

28 02 2008


“Gone with the old, in with the new”  This statement would of been true for a lot of other brands out there concerning the whole ‘retro movement’ last year, but Mackdaddy decided to stay with it.  Having a very retro look to their new collection Mackdaddy with a combination of bright and uncommon colours in the designs.  A very good look for Mackdaddy.

M. Shabbaz

Orisue ’08 Spring/Summer

27 02 2008


This year Orisue will take over!  Okay I know I am being a tad bit too biased but, hey!  The O team has produced a very nice, matured look this time around.  Taking common pieces and giving it that Orisue stamp.  Very good look on this collection.  For more info’ on the rest check their website here.

M. Shabbaz

BBC Boathouse Shoe

27 02 2008


This year BBC/Ice Cream has made big leaps forward with their latest collection.  Making a more mature and cleaner array of cuts and designs. With this boat shoe it has really showed their maturity and growth.  A personally favourite from the team.  Look out for more to come from the Billionaire boys.

M. Shabbaz

United Bamboo Spring/Summer ’08

26 02 2008

United Bamboo’s 2008 Spring/Summer collection is now available for viewing.
For some more looks of their 2008 Spring/Summer collection check out their site:

For those Canadians, who are looking for a store that carries United Bamboo, if you’re living in or near the Vancouver area, you’re in luck. “Eugene Choo” on 3683 Main St. and “Jonathan & Olivia” on 2570 Main St., in Vancouver, both carry United Bamboo in their inventories .

If you can’t check their stores, hit up their websites at:

Bottega Veneta USA Online Store

24 02 2008

Bottega Veneta, owned by Gucci, has opened it’s online store to the US market. It allows for a new consumer group to access their day to day goods.

Bottega Veneta is limiting the online store to their staple luggage, bags, shoes, and accessories at this time.

It’s a changing global market for all things luxury.

Visit their USA online store at:

YMC Footwear Spring ’08

24 02 2008

YMC has come out with their 2008 Spring Footwear line, introducing the “Foxing Boot”, the “Zip Boot” and others. The “Foxing Boot” by YMC is a pair of canvas high-top boxing boots, with rubber branding and reverse branding on the heels. The “Zip Boot” by YMC is a high-top lace-up boot with stitched edges and a zipper feature. The zipper feature allows you to remove the soles from the uppers. So, with the “Zip Boot” you can interchange between the leather and canvas uppers that are available in a variety of colours.

The “Foxing Boot” and the “Zip Boot” are both currently in stock at BlackBird Seattle.