4 03 2008

this is some of of this dudes SUPER awsome work!!

Banksy is probably one of the most popular, yet the most mysterious urban street artist in the world today. He’s a cultural prankster, and also manages to keep a secret identity. His amazing work has been sold to many Hollywood artists for over half a million dollars a piece. However, most of his work is still freely drawn on to public surfaces.


Banksy was first known in the UK, his graffiti is found throughout major cities on public walls and billboards. He tries to avoid traditional tags, and instead creates his own (mostly realistic) urban street art images. His work has also been put in museums. Unfortunately he’s received threats has been stolen.

He really is all over the place. As you can tell he has an enormous amount of great ideas. Part of the most difficult thing in writing this summary guide was picking and choosing between so many images – he is intelligent, creative and extremely inspiring!

Although some of his work is illegally put on public walls and billboards, he remains anonymous. His work is truly inspiring.. You GOTTA love it!





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