Kira Plastinina Spring/Summer 08

4 03 2008

At the outstanding age of only 15, Russian designer Kira Plastinina is the face of her own personal fashion line titled “Kira Plastinina Style”. The line was released around April last year, and has become one of the fastest growing fashion-brands in Russia. She, apparently, is often referred to as the “Russian Paris Hilton”.
How’d she make it happen? Her daddy is filthy rich.
… As if she’d need his money, now. This teenage girl has an estimated earning of $20 million in just her first year!
She’s planning to expand her business into the U.S., opening 10 stores in Los Angeles and New York by the first half of 2008.

This is an example of one of Kira’s new Spring/Summer 08 looks. The parka coat and Madonna-inspired hat look too sick together, in my opinion. I’d totally die for an outfit like that.
There’s still yet to see if Ms. Plastinina chooses to open stores in Canada. I’m praying she does!
Check out more of her stuff on Kira Plastinina’s website.




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