Hip Hop Saved MY life

22 03 2008

I have waited a long time for this video to come out and was it worth it…?  Yes.  Well if you are unaware of what I’m talking about you can just watch the video, or continue reading.  Well Lupe has just dropped his newest single entitled “Hip Hop Saved My Life” which is on The Cool.  (I personally would of liked Paris. Tokyo but, HEY!)  So this video is basically about a young inspiring rapper from Texas.  A story where Lupe narrates about his journey to be a great emcee.  This song like many other Lupe songs is in a narrative form and has many brain twisting lyrics.  A must check out for any fan Hip Hop fan or Music Head. 

P.S The guy he is talking about is “The Cool”!

M. Shabbaz  




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