! E S T E L L E !

26 03 2008


There’s a new singer in town that I’m really excited about: Estelle.
Although she brings something around the lines of R&B singers like Lauryn Hill, This amazing girl’s sound stands way out as something entirely unique!

Her first Album, The 18th Day, was a hit in the UK (United Kingdom). Now a days, she has all kinds of different talent collaborating with her on her new album, Shine. These people include Wyclef Jean, Will.i.am, Swizz Beats, Mark Ronson, John Legend, and of course.. Kanye West. I think this is a pretty great amount of talented people if you’re really looking for a lot of fans in the U.S and Canada.

Just recently, her new songs “American Boy,” and “Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)” are really great, and are two of my favourites! Her new album was supposed to be released in Feb, unfortunately that didn’t happen as planned. My hopes are really high for this girl. She’s super awsome and super talented. =)

Best of Luck Estelle!




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