Stone Island’s Shadow Project

4 05 2008

When you team up Mr. Errolson Hugh, the mastermind behind the Acronym with a high end sportswear line like Italy’s Stone Island, you can bet that it will have everyone talking about the end product. For months we’ve known of the team-up but now we have some solid info via Sportwear International. “With Stone Island’s ( rich historical archive and its forward development resources as a starting point, Acronym worked on their strong technical and performance based roots. The result is a unique and unprecedented fusion of form and function. Proven functional principals from both military and active sportswear allow the individual items in the collection to work both alone and, most effectively, synergistically together. The grid itself is independent of seasonal and aesthetic change…the grid is comprised of 4 categories and includes a total weather protection shield jacket, a vest, a light shell blazer with windstopper and a long sleeve interlock T-Shirt. The fabrics are all breathable, moisture managing and maintainable.”

Be sure to check back shortly for more on the Shadow Project.




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