Dominic Wilcox “Cave” for Nike 1/1

8 05 2008

Design Boom reports in on the Dominic Wilcox’s creations for Nike’s “Art of Football.” “Dominic Wilcox was asked by Nike to design a series of works for their ‘Nike 1/1‘ and ‘Art of Football’ projects. In response he created three projects, ‘cave’, ‘top corner’ and ‘blocks’ all using miniature football players. ‘Cave’ is a shoe box of sorts designed for your most prized footwear. The form is made from tiny football figurines  formed into a massive nest. Inside, a plinth holds the shoes in place. Next up he designed ‘top corner’ a large  silhouette of a football player made once again from small figurines. Finally ‘blocks’ uses the figurines to create 20 blocks which requires over 8000 small pieces. In total, 13000 plastic footballers, 540 tubes of super glue and 50 tubes of plastic glue were used to create the series of works.”





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