25 06 2008


As you know I’m a toy freak so the collab between Bearbrick and Dr. Romanelli hit me real hard. Romanelli is also set to collab with converse, no time is set for when the sneaker is coming out yet though. The BearBrick is transparent and shows the anatomy of the bear and signs it with a band-aid on the forehead.

It’s coming out in 400% & 100% size, and will only be available at certain retailers in October. (possibly

get on your bear brick game mangggg.



CRS – tote guns?

17 06 2008


<i>This is not an OFFICIAL CRS t-shirt, it is fan made.</i>

Can you spot the three rappers on this t-shirt? if you guessed Pharell, Lupe and Kanye, you’re right and this is their super group Child Rebel Soldier. So far the CRS has one song under their belt ‘ Us Pacers’ but the fans still love them as you can see.

the shirt can be found on ebay.


( if you didn’t know this is posted cause i love CRS )


9 06 2008

Nerd Cover

N*E*R*D is on the covers this months issue of YRB. The Hip-Rock group has an 8 page spread talking about their new cd Seeing Sounds. The first album since 2004.

In this issue, Pharell, Chad and Shay discuss the dedication that they have to the music they create, their descent from The Neptunes, and their accomplishments in bringing together rockers and hip hop heads. This exclusive interview gives an insight to music junkies as to how Seeing Sounds is unique from the boy’s first two albums, and guarantees to blow fans away.

The album comes out on June 10th;; don’t bootleg it go buy it.


Fragment X BearBrick 100% Panda

3 06 2008

Fragment X BearBrick

Fragment and BearBrick teamed up? They teamed up to produce this 100% BearBrick panda, that’s going to be auctioned off with the Nike Classic Panda Pack. The auction of these two items are too help raise money for the victims of the earthquake in China.