Newish artist update;; santnogold

26 07 2008

Recently I’ve been looking for new music, and I happened to come across the new and I must say very catchy Converse 08 sneaker commercial, I think it was on Kanye’s blog or maybe concrete loop, but anyways Santnogold is much like MIA and not surpisingly the two are good friends. Honestly I don’t know what to typify her as, cause her music isn’t R&B, its definiatly not rock…give her a listen an tell me what she is…cause I honestly don’t know lol.


`shev, yes I updated twice in an hour.



9 06 2008

Nerd Cover

N*E*R*D is on the covers this months issue of YRB. The Hip-Rock group has an 8 page spread talking about their new cd Seeing Sounds. The first album since 2004.

In this issue, Pharell, Chad and Shay discuss the dedication that they have to the music they create, their descent from The Neptunes, and their accomplishments in bringing together rockers and hip hop heads. This exclusive interview gives an insight to music junkies as to how Seeing Sounds is unique from the boy’s first two albums, and guarantees to blow fans away.

The album comes out on June 10th;; don’t bootleg it go buy it.


Seeing Sounds Album Cover

15 05 2008

Okay maybe I`m a bit too excited about the N.E.R.D return even though I officially started listening to them like 2 months ago.  (The moment I found out that I could go to Glow In The Dark, even though I can`t go now…)  When I first saw this cover it looked really good.  Like really good!  Good look to N.E.R.D.

M. Shabbaz


15 05 2008

N.E.R.D is bizack!!  The funk-hip hop-punk band which includes Chad Hugo, Shay Haley and Pharrell Williams.  This track is a really good look for the band who were on hiatus for four years.  Looks like they are taking a different directions with this album, compared to the bands previous efforts.  Just check the video and you guys tell me.

M. Shabbaz 

Air Yezzy…AGAIN?

7 05 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah I understand people are kind of tired of Kanye and what he does for the fashion world.  Maybe we are giving to much hype to this sneaker…or are we?  Anyways if you recall a lot of people were going bananas on the mysterious sneaker Kanye was wearing during the 2008 Grammy awards and I don’t know if it is only me, but I just found out that it was the “Air Yezzy” sneaker done by Nike and Mr. West himself.  This pair looks pretty clean.  Not to shabby, but I am not sure if it includes the glow in the dark feature.  We will make sure to input you A.S.A.P on more…if you even care. 

M. Shabbaz

Justice Stress Video

3 05 2008

Justice continue to make good music and amazing videos.  This one is no exception, it is action packed and so real. I was kind of scared to watch it…just a little bit.  Anyways just sit back and enjoy.

M. Shabbaz

Mickey Factz feat. Cool Kids: Rockin’ ‘N’ Rollin’

30 04 2008

I have been waiting a really long time for this video.  Being a fan of both Mickey and the Cool Kids it was really cool to hear them doing a track together and then to see a video….MIND BOGGLING.  So check it out here.

M. Shabbaz