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7 05 2008

Are you craving for a influence?  Do you just like looking at peoples pictures or love the whole “WDYWT” thing then I have two options for you.  You can either go on facebook and search or just visit this blog.  This is a blog ran by photographer and fashion expert Scott Schuman.  It is basically a “WDYWT” blog, but all photos are shot by Mr. Schuman and done across the world.  He takes pictures of the regular fashionable to the “Top Dogs” of the business.  Check it out here.

M. Shabbaz 


What ARE You Wearing Today by Sidney Lo

21 03 2008


An idea started by Superfuture, tried by many, but mastered by Sidney Lo.  Sidney Lo a San Francisco born photographer who has taken this idea and made it a year ’round project.  If you are unaware of what I’m talking about I will tell you.  This project basically pictures of people during their everyday lives.  Mr. Lo here has decided to take a picture of him for the whole year to show his growth.  He has decided to wear the same jeans and cut his hair for the duration of the year.  A very interesting project that Sidney Lo has done.  Check it the pictures here, or you can see it at the Photography and Imaging Dept. in Tisch School of Arts on 721 Broadway on the 8th floor in New York, NY.

Source: Hypebeast

M. Shabbaz