Air Jordan VI (2008) Olympic Edition

4 05 2008

Since Olympics are due in a couple of months the Jordan camp has decided to come out with a special editionsneaker for the event.  They have took the classic Jordan VI sneaker and made it with full patent leather, and used the five colours of the Olympic Rings.  (Red, yellow, black, blue, and green) A really nice shoe that drops on June 7th and is going for $150 mostly likely USD. 

M. Shabbaz


Tha Clinic

20 04 2008

To be completely honest with you I am very new to world of “Skate” but I love it.  It is so cool the way skaters can just do these things in the air with a piece of wood on wheels.  So anyways I am on my daily blogging routine when I come across this new website by Kevin Booker who happens to be my favourite skater from Team Ice Cream.  (I actually knew about it before like when it said “7 Hours, 45 minutes, 12 seconds left to ‘Tha Clinic’) It is basically a team that includes other known skaters showcasing their talents to the world.  Not as commercial as Team Ice Cream, but probably a lot better.  Check it out here.

M. Shabbaz


4 02 2008

7755160_7_2.jpg7756746_7_2.jpgNow thats a happy guy.7757644_7_2.jpg Losing sucks eh?

I’ll be honest with you I didn’t really think they would win.  I liked the Giants from the start (actually I liked the Colts but HEY) and thought they could win even though that stupid TOM BRADY…(Okay I’m not a Brady fan so what.) and his New England Patriots are a good team and have a perfect record.  But in the end it looks like Eli Manning and his Giants took that shiny trophy. 

Question: Do you ever wonder what they call those people who hold the special trophys and carry them wherever they go like in that Mastercard commercial?