26 07 2008

Medicom has teamed up with this summers most loved super hero bat man, producing a twin pack of Batman and Joker in bear brick and Kubrick form. This pack should be out soon seeing as the movie was released this week.

If you’re looking for it try we sold out, or your local bearbrick dealer.

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25 06 2008


As you know I’m a toy freak so the collab between Bearbrick and Dr. Romanelli hit me real hard. Romanelli is also set to collab with converse, no time is set for when the sneaker is coming out yet though. The BearBrick is transparent and shows the anatomy of the bear and signs it with a band-aid on the forehead.

It’s coming out in 400% & 100% size, and will only be available at certain retailers in October. (possibly

get on your bear brick game mangggg.


Fragment X BearBrick 100% Panda

3 06 2008

Fragment X BearBrick

Fragment and BearBrick teamed up? They teamed up to produce this 100% BearBrick panda, that’s going to be auctioned off with the Nike Classic Panda Pack. The auction of these two items are too help raise money for the victims of the earthquake in China.


1000% Bearbrick Meets Chinese Contemporary Artist

16 04 2008

A group of contemporaryartist from China have come to together with the Bearbrick team to make their own.  The models done look really good and will be a great thing to check out at the Art exhibition coming on April 25th in Beijing.

Source: Highsnobiety

M. Shabbaz

Da Warrior by Tim Tsui (Blood version)

14 04 2008

This is a special edition “Da Warrior” vinyl toy done by Tim Tsui which features a removable football helmet, extra head and a crystal eye.  Very heavy in detail and design and should be out via. on April 24th.  There will be only 200 pieces and are going for $125 USD so make sure to get it ASAP.

Source: Hypbeast

M. Shabbaz


Medicom Toy Bearbrick X Naruto 100% Sasuke Edition

14 03 2008


Medicom has took the popular and one of my favourite anime and created a Bearbrick toy.  This edition of toys will feature the characters from the hit anime/manga series Naruto.  The one shown above is the Sasuke Edition.  Sasuke is Naruto’s best-friend and rival in the show.  We will be sure to tell you when the other characters are out.

M. Shabbaz

Kidrobot 14 Blood Kidninja by Huck Gee

21 02 2008


Huck Gee has modified for Kidrobot. They will come in a set of 25 in white and grey, with blood stains. This should sell out very soon so make sure to buy it ASAP.

M. Shabbaz