CRS – tote guns?

17 06 2008


<i>This is not an OFFICIAL CRS t-shirt, it is fan made.</i>

Can you spot the three rappers on this t-shirt? if you guessed Pharell, Lupe and Kanye, you’re right and this is their super group Child Rebel Soldier. So far the CRS has one song under their belt ‘ Us Pacers’ but the fans still love them as you can see.

the shirt can be found on ebay.


( if you didn’t know this is posted cause i love CRS )


Ballpark Pens – Salvaged Wood Pens

21 05 2008

Die hard baseball fans love memorabilia. It is like taking home a piece of the game. Game balls, baseball cards, or on the high end, coveted field seats that are salvaged when renovations replace the old with the new. The problem is that one of those old Fenway box seats can run in the thousands of dollars due to rarity. Chicago baseball fan Bill Hartel and Mary Ann Wentzel have come up with a way to take the seats everywhere via your shirt pocket. Their Ballpark Pens are made from salvaged baseballpark seat woods – Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, and a bundle of other classic American stadiums. They come at a discounted price when compared to full seats and double as writing instruments. Visit them at for more information.


Staple ’08 S/S 2.1

8 05 2008

Staple has bringing some crazy heat for this season.  Jeffstaple and his crew are genius.  If you are reading this please send us at wordisbomb something from this collection.  But back to the latest release which features some sharp sweater jackets, track pants/shorts, long sleeves polo shirts and some clean t-shirts.  My personal favourites are the polo shirts and the sweater jackets.  BOMB!!  For more info check out jeffstaple’s blog. 

M. Shabbaz

Supreme X Vans

25 04 2008

Supreme has collaborated with a lot of big name footwear companies to create real magic.  This time around Supreme has took the beloved Half Cab and Chukka boat and gave it a amazing change.  The Half Cabs come in a yellow and black look.  The Chukkas will be in red and blue no patterns.  Release date is currently unknown so keep checking for more information.

M. Shabbaz

Diddo Velema X Gucci X Louis Vuitton Gas Mask

11 04 2008

When you have three of the top fashion houses come together to make gas mask you know somethin amazing is happening.  You can use it when your activly, protesting for the Tibet and CHinese conflict, or if your just bombing the system.  These maskes will come in handy and make you 10 times cooler.  Who doesn’t wanna be a cool activist who also bombs the system?

Source: Format

M. Shabbaz

Goodfoot Spring Varsity Part 1

2 04 2008


Matt George has done it again!  Stuff like this is the reason why I look up to him.  For the stuff he puts out to the territory he is taking over it is incredible.  Well as you may or not know Goodfoot is known for their Varsity Jackets, so this time around they have decided to take it back to the 40’s and create their own Melton jacket.  It comes in two colours: black and grey with a hoodie/collar on the back.  A very good look for the GDFT team.  When the official drop happens more information will be out.

Source: Matt George

M. Shabbaz

Gourmet ’08 S/S Footwear

1 04 2008


Well Gourmet has officially released their footwear for this season and as usually Gourmet comes correct with their tribute Jordan sneakers.  They come in 8 different colourways and take the shape of the classic Jordan XII and XIII.  They are a very simple and clean shoe which will be gone soon so make sure to get your pennies together and go out and get them. 

Source: Commonwealth

M. Shabbaz